Distance Record
10 miles
1982, Dave Peterson, Fairfield, CT, 51:26
1986, Kathleen Horton, Weston, CT, 1:04:32

Turn onto the Sherwood Island Connector heading north for 3 lights go till you cant go straight anymore, there will be a 3 way stop and a shopping complex. Turn left on to the Post Road-US1. Turn right a 100 meters later after the resturant Bertucci's Go about to miles until you hit the first stop sign. This is a 3 way stop. Turn Left on to North Avenue. Follow this road until you see Staples on the right. It is Number 70

Turn off the Merit going South on Weston Road. You come to a 4 way blinking red light and go straight Then You will hit a 3 way stop which you can't go any further. Turn left on to Cross Highway. Follow this till the first Stop Sign. It will be a 4 way stop. Turn right on to North Avenue. Follow this over the hill till you see Staples on your Left. There are tennis courts right before it. It is number 70.

10.0 MILE RUN - 8:00 am
Start on North Avenue
Right on Long Lots Road to Route #1
Straight on Route #1
Right on Roseville Road
Left on Cross Highway
Right on Weston Road
Right on Easton Road
Right on Bayberry Lane
Right on Long Lots Road
Right on North Avenue
Right at Staples entrance road
Finish behind auditorium in front of Field House

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